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European Biogas Association joins COASTAL Biogas

European Biogas Association joins COASTAL Biogas as an Associated Partner. Closing the nutrients loop and highlight the socioeconomic benefits are important features of the solutions investigated within the project.

Through the European Biogas Association the project has a strong and valuable voice in Brussels and potential to influence future strategy and policy work by the European Commission.

Council of Nordic Ministers supports COASTAL Biogas

The Nordic Council of Ministers is Policy Area Coordinator for Bioeconomy in EU’s Baltic Sea Region Strategy.

Today the Council of Nordic Ministers signed the Letter of dedication and support of the COASTAL Biogas application.

Using cast seaweed as a feedstock and use the digestate as a fertilizer is an elegant way to close the nutrients loop and take a first step towards a circular bioeconomy. There are many other socioeconomic benefits that will be explored within the COASTAL Biogas project.