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The project consortium is finalized

The project consortium is made up by six partners from all five countries eligible for funding through the South Baltic Sea Programme.

Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR), Germany – lead partner Baltic Energy Innovation Centre, Sweden
Gdansk University of Technology, Poland
Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania
Roskilde University, Denmark
Rostock University, Germany

In addition several stakeholders are involved either as subcontractors or Associated Partners. Among them municipalities and public bodies in all five countries and industrial partners ensuring a partnership in line with the triple-helix model.

Meeting at Koszalin University of Technology

On the 4th of August the project coordinator visited the project partner Prof. Michal Jasiulewicz at Koszalin University of Technology.

Prof. Michal Jasiulewicz is the Deputy Dean for Science and Cooperation, Economic Science Faculty, Koszalin University of Technology and the manager of the Centre of Renewable Energy.

Prof. Michal Jasiulewicz in front of the 100 Ha willow plantation which he manages.