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Study tour to a combined ethanol, biogas and CHP facility

On the 6th of August a study tour to a combined ethanol, biogas and CHP facility in Piaszczyna took place. The facility is highly integrated. Ethanol is made of corn and the residues are digested in two anaerobic digestors. The biogas is used for electricity production and to provide heat for the destillation process as well as for drying and heating the digestors which operate at approx. 40 °C. Process water is to be cleaned in an algae cultivation in order to close the water loop and provide additional substrate to the anaerobic digestors. Finally the digestate is dried and used as a fertilizer. In this way the nutrients and water loop are closed and the facility produces no waste streams at the same time as a high energy efficiency is obtained.


Dr. Jörgen Held, Prof. Michal Jasiulewicz and B.Eng. Jerzy Kolodziej, Technology Manager at the facility, in front of the digestate dryer.

The biogas is used for CHP production in two Jenbacher gas engines.