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Visit at Trelleborg Biogas Centre of Excellence

On the 2nd of September, the project coordinator visited representatives for Trelleborg Municipality, and the Trelleborg Biogas Centre of Excellence to discuss the Pre-BASIC Biogas project and the possibility for Trelleborg Municipality to join the application to the South Baltic Sea Programme.


From left: Gabriella Eliasson, Anitha Ljung and Annika Hansson, Trelleborg Municipality. Photo: Jörgen Held

Trelleborg Municipality has extensive experience and knowledge of biogas in general and aquatic substrates in particular.  It’s of no surprise that the largest biogas plant in Sweden, Jordberga, is located outside Trelleborg. The municipality has been a strong promotor of biogas and involved in a numerous of European biogas projects such as BUCEFALOS, BIOGASSYS, WAB (Wetlands, Algae and Biogas) as well as the ongoing Biogas 2020 project. The municipality is running the Biogas Centre of Excellence, an international meeting place and a knowledge hub for biogas development in Scania.