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COASTAL Biogas selected for funding

The COASTAL Biogas project with partners from Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden has been selected for funding through the South Baltic Sea Programme.

The project is a result of a Swedish Institute seed funding project (Pre-BASIC Biogas) coordinated by Renewtec AB, demonstrating the importance and success of such instruments.

COASTAL Biogas application submitted

Today the COASTAL Biogas application was submitted by the lead partner, FNR, to the South Baltic Sea Programme.

COASTAL stands for Cluster On Anaerobic Digestion, Environmental Services and NuTrients RemovAL, and is focused on anaerobic digestion of cast seaweed in combination with digestate utilization as bio-fertilizer.

The project consortium consists of 20 partners out of which 6 are full project partners and WP-leaders;
FNR (DE) – lead partner
Gdansk University of Technology (PL)
Baltic Energy Innovation Centre (SE)
Rostock University (DE)
Roskilde University (DK)
Lithuanian Energy Institute (LT)

The proposed budget is close to 1.6 MEUR and covers lab scale and pilot testing, best practice and lessons learned, feasibility studies in close collaboration with partners able to implement the investigated technology and massive dissemination activities including 5 conferences and study tours.

Expected project start is 1 July 2018 and project end 30 June 2021.

3 more organisations join COASTAL Biogas

Innovations- und Bildungszentrum, IBZ, InterCenter GmbH, Abt. Ernuerbare Energie and IBKE, Institut für Biogas, Kreislaufwirtschaft & Energi have joined COASTAL Biogas as Associated Partners.

The project consortium consists now of 17 partners and 3 subcontractors. The majority of the partners are stakeholders able to implement technological advances related to anaerobic digestion of cast seaweed and digestate utilization developed within the project. More than 40 municipalities are represented directly (as subcontractors and Associated Partners) or indirectly through other organisations such as Biogas Syd (owned by 33 municipalities in Sweden).

The application will be submitted shortly (deadline 20th of December).

European Biogas Association joins COASTAL Biogas

European Biogas Association joins COASTAL Biogas as an Associated Partner. Closing the nutrients loop and highlight the socioeconomic benefits are important features of the solutions investigated within the project.

Through the European Biogas Association the project has a strong and valuable voice in Brussels and potential to influence future strategy and policy work by the European Commission.

Council of Nordic Ministers supports COASTAL Biogas

The Nordic Council of Ministers is Policy Area Coordinator for Bioeconomy in EU’s Baltic Sea Region Strategy.

Today the Council of Nordic Ministers signed the Letter of dedication and support of the COASTAL Biogas application.

Using cast seaweed as a feedstock and use the digestate as a fertilizer is an elegant way to close the nutrients loop and take a first step towards a circular bioeconomy. There are many other socioeconomic benefits that will be explored within the COASTAL Biogas project.

3 municipalities,1 biogas association and 3 biogas operators join COASTAL Biogas

Wladyslawowo Municipality (PL), Neringa Municipality (LT) and Odsherred Municipality (DK), have together with the German Biogas Association (DE), Solrød Biogas A/S (DK), Langeland Biogas Group (DK) and a Wastewater Treatment Plant operator in Swarzewo (PL) joined the COASTAL Biogas project consortium.

Solrød Biogas plant (DK) is currently the only industrial scale facility where cast seaweed is co-digested in the South Baltic Sea region.

Meeting with the Regional Authority of Scania

On the 21st of September, Jörgen Held visited Ola Solér, environmental strategist at the Regional Authority of Scania to discuss the possibility for the Regional Authority of Scania to join the application to the South Baltic Sea Programme.

The proposed activities are well in line with the Biogas Roadmap of Scania (Skånes Färdplan för Biogas).

The project consortium is finalized

The project consortium is made up by six partners from all five countries eligible for funding through the South Baltic Sea Programme.

Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR), Germany – lead partner Baltic Energy Innovation Centre, Sweden
Gdansk University of Technology, Poland
Lithuanian Energy Institute, Lithuania
Roskilde University, Denmark
Rostock University, Germany

In addition several stakeholders are involved either as subcontractors or Associated Partners. Among them municipalities and public bodies in all five countries and industrial partners ensuring a partnership in line with the triple-helix model.

Biogas Syd joins the consortium

On the 5th of September Desirée Grahn, director of Biogas Syd and Jörgen Held, Pre-BASIC Biogas coordinator met to discuss the application to the South Baltic Sea Programme.

Biogas Syd will join the project consortium as an Associated Partner and contribute to the dissemination of the results and provide contacts to all the municipalities in Scania.

Biogas Syd is involved in the ongoing INTERREG project Biogas 2020 and was the coordinator of the finished LIFE project BIOGASSYS, thus providing valuable cross-links to other projects of relevance.