Visit at Solrød Biogas plant

On the 23rd of March 2017, Jörgen Held visited the Solrød Biogas plant. The plant is currently the only facility in Denmark where cast seaweed is co-digested with industrial and agricultural waste.

7,000 tonnes/year of cast seaweed is used as substrate. In this way the beach is kept clean and free from odor of rotting seaweed. In addition nutrients are removed from the sea since the digetstate is used as a fertilizer on the fields surrounding the biogas plant. In fact the Solrød Biogas plant contributes to 72% of the nitrogen reduction target for Køge bay. Anaerobic digestion of maritime substrates in combination with digestate utilization is an efficient way to mitgate eutrophication in the Baltic Sea and a central part of the Pre-BASIC Biogas activities.

Prof. Tyge KjaerProf. Tyge Kjaer with colleagues presented the plant and gave a guided tour in the facility.

Second meeting with Joint Secretariat

On the 13th of March Jörgen Held visited Project Officer Iuliia Kauk at Joint Secretariat South Baltic Sea Programme in Gdansk to discuss the content of the planned BASIC Biogas application.

JS Gdansk

Jörgen Held, CEO Renewtec and Project Officer Iuliia Kauk, Joint Secretariat South Baltic Sea Programme.

In the same business trip, meetings with Prof. Jasiulewicz, Koszalin University of Technology and Dr. Robert Aranowski, Gdansk University of Technology took place.